Carrying and Forwarding
The major operation carried out by the company is that of a Carrying and Forwarding Agent (CFA). With its ultra modern setup, well trained battalion of office as well as warehouse staff and a fleet of vehicles, Neeta Enterprises is one of the major Carrying and Forwarding Agents in Central India.

A Carrying and Forwarding Agent loads into vehicles the batches of goods such as consumer electronics, goods from the FMCG sector or even books and edible items. These goods are then transported to the mother warehouse of the CFA. From here, the goods are transported remote warehouses to ease up the distribution process. Ultimately, the goods are delivered to the retailers or distributors situated in diverse locations of the region of operation.

In this manner, Neeta Enterprises provides the service of warehousing and secondary transportation to its principals. The company also does invoicing for its clients upon request.

The successful accomplishment of the tasks of a Carrying and Forwarding Agent demands a lot of responsibility and experience, which Neeta Enterprises has been providing since last three decades to its wide base of clients.