Mother Warehouse/RDC
This Mother Warehouse or the Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) is located in Nagpur, the most tactical location in India for logistical operations as it pinpoints the exact centre of India. From this location, Neeta Enterprises covers the places in entire Maharashtra, Gujrat, MP, Chattisgarh, East India and a major portion of South India.

Availing the General Sales Tax (GST) Benefit
When the proposed GST comes in operation, expected to apply within an year, one time payment of Sales Tax will allow the principals to transport cargo in any state without being bothered by state sales tax authorities and the paperwork hassles that come with it. With this freedom, Nagpur will become the most advantageous Logistical location in India due to its equal proximity to major towns. With its main operational base in Nagpur, distribution with Neeta Enterprises will result in high amounts of cost saving on transportation as well as a massive cut down on complexities of the trade.